Co-founder of Social Capital, and the principal of Anderson Strategy

Matt has been a purpose-driven leader for over 20 years — founding a number of social startups, working as an organisational development consultant, catalysing many cross-sector collaborative initiatives, as well as leading a number of impact organisations. He has worked at both the grassroots level as well as in a national and international capacity — including with one of the world’s largest NGOs, World Vision. He understands the synergy between purpose, strategic design and rapid commercial prototyping — as well as the broad collaboration needed across multiple sectors to achieve outcomes of significant scale.

Matt is the co-founder of the Social Capital initiative - a large scale collaboration venture involving a broad range of companies, impact organisations, government agencies and universities - working together to advance the new 'impact economy'.

He is also a consultant and strategy designer - working with innovative organisations and companies across Australia to create blended social and economic value. He holds a Master’s Degree in Vocational Practice (majoring in organisational leadership), and works with organisations to support their impact, innovation and growth strategies.